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OFW Chiropractic

The secret to life is inside of you.

We reshape the spine from childhood injuries, car accidents and developmental issues.
Chiropractic helps you maintain good health and well-being.


Take a look at our blog for information on chiropractic and reports on other useful information related to our services.


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Latest Blog Posts

Monday, March 11, 2019
Stress is necessary to live But the energy-endowing, problem-solving, survival instinct elements of stress have a dark side; they can take more than they give. You've heard people say life is all about balance; we would argue that managing good and...
Friday, March 01, 2019
The dreaded back spasm Many adults are familiar with the sudden, involuntary tightening of a muscle, the literal spasm of pain, the uncontrollable tightening and the restricted range of motion which immediately follows. Does this sound like an...
Sunday, February 17, 2019
Prevent rather than treat! Yes, chiropractic is an important modality for healing after an injury, but it is equally important as a modality for preventing injury in the first place! Your spine is the chassis upon which the rest of your body is...

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