3 Jobs that Put Your Back at Risk

Did you know that most back injuries occur when we’re doing the stuff we do every day?

It’s true. Usually, it’s the job we work at 40 hours a week, the bed we sleep in (hopefully somewhere close to 56 hours a week), or the exercise and day-to-day activities that we engage in that put us at most risk to sustain a back injury. However, mostly, the wear and tear our backs sustain is going to come predominantly from our jobs, even those jobs that we might think have us at less risk.

1.) Office Job

Sitting in a stiff chair at work staring at a computer screen is probably one of the worst things we can do for our neck and spine, especially if our desk and screens are not set up the right way, having us stare anything but straight ahead. This is especially true if we’re not engaging in perfect posture.

2.) Professional Mover

Lifting heavy objects for a living is going to put a strain on your back no matter which way you slice it. Professional mover is going to be likely one of the hardest jobs on your back. Make sure you wear proper safety gear and engage in proper lifting technique and observe all safety protocols.

3.) Landscaper

Landscaping, roofing, and laying tile or brick are all going to be extra hard on your back. Most manual labor jobs are going to put a lot of strain on your back, neck, and joints.

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