Water Helps you Watch your Weight

Water weight

H2O is your metabolism’s best friend

Hydration is essential for all cellular function and thus, it’s importance in keeping your metabolism and digestive system working optimally cannot be stated enough. Metabolism is a set of chemical processes that occurs in your body which helps you stay alive. Metabolism seeks to: 

  • Turn food into energy for cellular processes
  • Turn food into building blocks that form proteins
  • Facilitate waste removal

Even slight dehydration makes this system work less efficiently, which can cause a major ripple effect in the way you move, feel, think and digest. 

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Undoing the Ill-Effects of Overindulgence: Post-Christmas Detoxification

Healthy holidays

The myth of the detox

The idea that we could detoxify our bodies is a myth that has been perpetuated by the health food industry in response to growing concerns over the toxins contained within our food. The logic is faulty: rather than designing expensive detoxes and diets, it would be more prudent to not ingest the toxins in the first place! Alas, the western diet is rife with toxins- recent studies show that as much as 60% of foods contained in the United States are processed. Ingredients like refined sugar and processed grains do nothing for our bodies and actually detract from the healthy functioning of our cells. However, it’s likely that even the healthiest of eaters will run into some stumbling blocks this holiday season. Read on to find our tips for simple post-holiday body cleansing. 

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Healing in the 21st Century is Seemingly More Complicated Than Ever

Chiropractor westwood

The idea of healing is more complex than ever

When it comes to chronic pain, the idea of healing is ever changing; what exactly does it mean to heal and how should we should go about such a complex process? Some methodologies like that of Traditional Chinese Medicine operate on the same set of guiding principals over millenia; others, like chiropractic, have only joined the debate within the last century. What these examples have in common is that they take a different tack to treating chronic pain than what is commonly offered in western medicine. A Google search for, “healing chronic pain,” returned tens of thousands of results. Many of these results are from trusted sources, and equally as many are from more obscure corners of the web. At OFW Chiropractic, what we offer you is a no-nonsense approach to healing that doesn’t pretend to be anything it is not.

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Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year

New year chiropractic

2018 offers a fresh start for your spine

After the dust of the holiday season settles, your body may need to hit the reset button. The accumulated stress that results from a busy holiday schedule contributes to muscle tension which tends to pull the spine out of alignment. The resulting nerve compression can make for a painful start to the new year. Chiropractic offers the perfect tonic for those looking to rebalance their bodies and start 2018 on the right foot. 

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Suffering Through the Holidays: A Typical Back Pain Story

Back pain westwood

This holiday season, gift natural pain relief

With more than 60% of Americans reporting they have experienced back pain bad enough to lead them to seek medical help, chances are good that someone in your family is suffering through the family activities this holiday season. And with so much to do during the holidays, many of these people will choose to medicate with OTC painkillers rather than naturally managaging their pain. If you are looking to get a thoughtful gift for said back pack sufferer, why not go back to the basics: heat and ice. 

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Keep Back Pain Out of your Holiday Plans

Holiday back pain westwood

Nothing is more disruptive to the holiday season than back pain. 

The holidays offer us a much needed reprieve from the general stress of life. It is a time to unwind in front of the Christmas tree and focus on the small things that really matter: family, friends and staying cozy amdist the cold weather. But there is one thing that threatens your enjoyment of the holidays more than Scrooge and a cohort of Christmas villains ever could: back pain.

Whether you plan to travel or stay at home for the holidays, take steps to mitigate problems with your spine

Avoiding back pain is a near-constant struggle. Choose to not accept your pain as a foregone conclusion; treat your back right by following these tips:

  • Drink responsibly: brandy-eggnog, mulled wine, punch; whatever your christmas cocktail of choice, remember that alcohol influences inflammation. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages are laden with calories that increase weight and the burden on your spine. 
  • Travel right: if you are flying cross-country to see family, make sure you stand up from your seat to stretch regularly. Use a back support even if it is only a rolled up jacket; be careful lifting suitcases to and from the overhead compartment.
  • Focus on staying hydrated at all times: the importance of this cannot be stated enough. Get yourself a water bottle and try to consume an ounce of water for every pound of body weight.
  • Sneakily tone your core: whenever you think of it, pull your belly button in toward your spine and hold for as long as is comfortable. 

Make sure you check in at your Westwood chiropractor during or after the holiday season!

Christmas break is hard on our spines. Activity levels go down, consumption of food and alcohol goes up; we drive and fly great distances so we can sit around on the couch. There is plenty of time for our spines to move out of alignment, for muscles to tighten and pain to accrue. At our office in Westwood, we establish alignment in your spine and work on undoing the muscle tension that accumulates during Christmas. If you are interested in using our services to overcome Christmas-related back pain, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.