Chiropractic for athletes in westwood

Athletes Excel with Chiropractic

The pursuit of athleticism

In the end, the only thing that really matters is how good you feel on a daily basis. Athletes are athletes because they derive enjoyment out of their sport- it makes them feel good both mentally and physically. There is a direct reason for this; physical activity affects your wellbeing by:

  • Releasing endorphins which fight pain and stress and make you feel happy
  • Releasing a protein known as Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, which provides a restorative effect for the neurons in your brain. 

This neuromusculoskeletal relationship explains why the pursuit of athleticism is linked with higher levels of happiness. The Olympics are notable for outpourings of passion that prove exercise has a powerful role in the human experience. 

Reasons why athletes should see a chiropractor in Westwood

While athletes are busy specializing in their sport, chiropractors are busy behind the scenes helping these athletes improve their biomechanical advantage. Here are some ways we help athletes in the Westwood area:

  • Mitigating wear and tear: we help you reduce the long term effects of physical activity by maintaining spinal alignment and treating the spinal joints. 
  • Treating injury naturally: our modalities use hands-on treatment to boost local circulation and relieve epicenters of tension in the soft tissues. 
  • Decreasing pain: adjustments alleviate nerve pressure, while other modalities address muscle and joint soreness. 
  • Increasing range of motion: essential in any sport, full flexibility means full range of motion. This is important for both improving performance and preventing injury. 

Chiropractic for athletes in Westwood 

At OFW Chiropractic, we specialize in helping athletes get the most out of their game. If you intend to leave it all on the field, you need a professional to ensure that you can get it all back before your next performance. Our natural modalities have been proven time and again to help athletes maintain a high level of performance without sacrificing their bodies in the process. If you are interested in using our services as an aid to your athletic performance, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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