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Back Pain Prevention for Golfers in Westwood

Golf stresses the spine

Golf is one of the sports for which we treat the most injuries. No matter your age, golf creates a unique system of stress for the spine. The swing itself requires an enormous amount of power generation respective to the body, with the torsion of the hips and the downward force of the shoulders. Throughout a day on the course, you are doing a fair bit of bending, lifting and twisting and all of these are unnatural motions for the spine. That means that you need to be proactive about preventing injury on the golf course. 

Preventing back pain and injury from your favorite sport

Here are some tips for preventing injury:

  • Don’t neglect the warm-up. From full-blown stretching to practicing your swing before every shot, your body needs to be eased into the many motions of golf. Stretching is the single greatest way to avoid strains and sprains. 
  • Hit the driving range first: if its feasible (availability and financially-wise) taking easy swings on the driving range is the best way to ease into a full round. 
  • Stretch as you go around. 
  • Stay hydrated and provide your muscles with the nutrition they need throughout. 
  • Carry your golf bag properly- if you are a fan of carrying your bag, use a dual-strap system and a bag that automatically deploys standing legs. 

Finally, learn more about the biomechanics of the golf swing

While we do not purport to be swing coaches, we do know a fair bit about the biomechanics of a golf swing and how it stresses your spine. We can help you know which parts of your body are being unnecessarily stressed by an errant swing. Of course we also offer the golfers of Westwood our full range of chiropractic services including spinal adjustment, soft-tissue therapy, decompression therapy and more to help them treat, rehabilitate and prevent back pain from being a part of their time on the course. 

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