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Blood Circulation and Sleep: The Vital Link

Increasing blood circulation can help you sleep better

Sleep is a regulated function of the brain. The brain controls your ability to fall asleep by limiting arousal signals; in essence, it is inhibiting activity in the parts of the brain which are responsible for wakefulness, causing the body to transition from the stable state of wakefulness to the stable state of rest. But how can we reasonably expect the brain to perform such a specialized function if it is starved of the ingredients it needs to function properly?

Circulation influences sleep

The role of circulation in your sleep life is to provide your brain cells with the oxygen and nutrients they need to perform smooth transitions between the states of being awake and asleep. When the blood vessels that supply this oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain are blocked or inhibited, the resulting decrease in circulation causes dysfunction that can lead to lack of sleep. Essentially, when brain cells are not provided with the proper inputs, they cannot function optimally, and a common result is poor quality of sleep. 

Improving your circulation begins with awareness

At our office in Westwood, it is our job to help you maintain optimal wellness, of which sleep is a cornerstone. In order to help you find more restful sleep, we focus on boosting circulation through chiropractic modalities and movement. There is no price to be put on diet and exercise, two factors which help regulate circulation and sleep health. And while getting active is often enough to influence positive changes in sleep health, some people need extra help. Give our office a call today and find out how we can help you improve circulation so that you can find a better night’s sleep tonight!


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