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Child’s Pose is Spinal Relaxation

Child’s pose prioritizes spinal health 

Even by yoga’s high standards, child’s pose is akin to a superfood for spinal health. It is a low-intensity move that can be performed in just about any setting to provide a tonic for weary spines. Here are the benefits of child’s pose from a chiropractors perspective:

  • Provides a gentle stretch for the lower back, hips, thighs and ankles
  • Passively stretches core stabilizing muscles 
  • Elongates the lower back, improving circulation to the spinal joints
  • Encourages relaxation through resting in the position and taking deep breaths

While the stretch centers around the thighs, studies have shown that child’s pose is effective at mitigating pain in the back, shoulders, neck and hips. 

Find your way into child’s pose

Couldn’t you use a break? Not the kind that involves senselessly scrolling through news feeds, stressing out your brain further. Instead focus on the kind of break that improves spinal health and relaxes your mind. Child’s pose helps you do that:

  • Start in a table position: on your hands and knees with a straight back. 
  • Gently lower your glutes until they rest on your ankles.
  • Keep your arms fully extended and your forehead resting on the floor. 
  • Practice mindfulness: feel the stretch in your back and take deep breaths. 

You can rest in this position as long as feels comfortable. 

Prioritizing your spinal health in Westwood

At OFW Chiropractic, we don’t believe in being too busy for our backs. If back pain or dysfunction is causing problems in your life, it’s time to start listening to these signals and prioritizing spinal health. Child’s pose is a great way to extract yourself from the cycle of stress and stagnation that traps our spines throughout the work week. It is also a great example of how small measures can make large differences in the way you feel. We are in the business of helping you find solutions such as these to help you maintain spinal longevity. Give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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