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Chiropractic as Preventive Healthcare

Back pain doesn’t just show up out of nowhere

Many of us would be hard pressed to pick a specific time when our chronic back pain started. That’s because the factors which contribute to back pain have been slowly accumulating in our bodies for years. As we took no proactive action against them, they one day reached a breaking point. It is important to realize that while the breaking point is most often brought on by an acute injury- throwing your back out while lifting for example- it is more likely a combination of internal factors exacerbated by a single external one. This systemic explanation for injury guides everything we do at OFW Chiropractic. 

Preventive healthcare for our spines is the best way to prevent chronic back pain

When you make an appointment at our office in Westwood, you can be sure that the first things we look for in a physical assessment include:

  • Systemic misalignment 
  • Reduced range of motion in the spinal joints
  • Poor biomechanical function
  • Poor posture
  • Imbalance in the musculature 

When one of these factors is present, many of the others tend to be as well. The human body is an interconnected marvel and thus, dysfunction in a part of the body as centrally important as the spine tends to have a ripple effect. Chiropractic focuses on detecting and correcting spinal misalignment in support of better biomechanical function. Preventive healthcare is predicated on the idea that the sooner you seek treatment, the more likely you are to avoid injury- nowhere is this principle more prevalent than in your spinal wellness. 

Chiropractic as preventive healthcare in Westwood

Using natural techniques including spinal adjustment, decompression and the active release technique, we help balance your body and improve the function of both your musculoskeletal and nervous systems. This is a signal way to prevent pain from one day, “appearing,” in your life. If you are interested in using chiropractic as part of your preventive healthcare plan, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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