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Chiropractic Care Represents a Golden Opportunity for Children

Take it back to the beginning

Before all the pain and stiffness set in your spine was young and in a state of balance that allowed you seemingly unlimited opportunity without the risk for injury. But the forces that sought to undo such balance and wellbeing were already at work and we were busy growing up ignoring the warning signs (or rather, our parents were ignoring the warning signs?) As we got older, we did not take a proactive approrach to caring for the growth and development of our spine, setting an attitude that would come to define our spinal health in adulthood. Let’s flip this script.

Envisioning a different approach to spinal health care

The spine is a constantly changing and developing structure and never is this change and development more rapid than during childhood. From infancy, the spine is exposed to pressures which force it out of alignment, causing dysfunction in the nervous system. Left alone, this dysfunction has the potential to cause developmental disorders and childhood illness. By taking a preventive approach to spinal health care from a young age, chiropractic helps maintain spinal alignment and optimal nervous system function to ensure that your child grows into a happy, healthy adult free of spinal disorders and pain. 

Keeping our spines young in Westwood

The spine is also a constant- it is a pillar of wellness that can make or break a person’s health and wellbeing in the future. Chiropractic gives your child the best chance of maintaining a high level of spinal health throughout life using a proactive approach to healthcare that leaves out the drugs. Think of the opportunity your child has, no matter how young they are, to start on a path of spinal health that will last them through their entire life. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today.

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