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Crunch Time and your Spine

How do you grind?

When the pressure is on, any conscious awareness of spinal health seems to dissolve. It Is one of the first things that goes, and it goes because of the interconnectivity of stress. Mental stress contributes to muscle tension, which means we tend to tighten up: you can feel this effect in that stiff neck at the end of the day. Excess muscle tension also tends to pull our spines out of alignment and increase the interference in our nervous system.  Our posture gets stuck; we spend long chunks of time with our shoulders pinned inwards, our upper back rounded and our neck held forward. All of these positions increase pressure on the spine, which leave us sore and out of whack at the end of the day. Chances are, we wake up stiff the next day as well, and reach straight for the caffeine. This takes the meaning of “grinding,” to a whole new level.

When the demand for productivity grinds your body down

By returning to awareness, we see how the effects of a work deadline can have ripple ramifications for our spine. At OFW Chiropractic, we want to help break you out of this cycle and use natural methods to increase productivity. One of the main ways you can control productivity is to control your level of comfort; that begins with the environment you work in. Here are some things you can do right now to create a productive environment:

  • Keep the ambient temperature warm: being chilly is distracting. Being warm removes this distraction and increases comfort, making you happier and more productive. Don’t let it get so warm as to make you sleepy. 
  • Increase the brightness: natural light is best. A cold, dim office space increases stress and lowers efficiency. Consider that natural light is best, and make sure to maintain moderate contrast on your computer screen to mitigate eye strain.
  • Make sure your ergonomics support neutral sitting posture: even if you have to place a rolled up jacket in the lumbar portion of your seat, try to maintain good posture. 
  • Take deep breaths: ensuring that every organ in your body is fully oxygenated gives them the best possible chance of working properly. 
  • Take a brisk walk as often as possible: even 5 minutes is enough to relieve muscle tension and get your circulation flowing. 

A final tip is to reset your posture regularly. Shake out your shoulders, stretch your neck a few times and sit up straight. Even this small adjustment can improve productivity. 

Reduce the toll of crunch time on your spine. 

If your back is reeling from the crush of the office, give our office in Westwood a call. Our natural modalities relieve pain and nerve compression, while increasing circulation.  This makes you feel more comfortable, and your body responds by resting more effectively so that you can be productive without grinding down your body. 

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