Embracing an Ergonomic Lifestyle

Ergonomic injuries are on the rise 

The more people we bring into the white collar job market, the more we send down the road toward degeneration of the spine and disability. Ergonomics is an applied science that studies human efficiency as it relates to the surrounding environment. Few employers are ethical enough, or are willing to invest enough money, to lift the overall ergonomic standard of their offices. The onus is therefore upon the workers to optimize their own ergonomic situation. At OFW Chiropractic we have a plan to help you embrace a lifestyle that helps you avoid ergonomic injuries and prevent the onset of conditions that make lower back pain the number one workplace complaint. 

Elements of an ergonomic lifestyle

  • Sitting is the position that puts your spine under the most pressure. If you must sit, you must practice good posture: we can help you learn about putting your spine under the lowest possible pressure at all times.
  • But posture begins with a solid support network: the core-stabilizing muscles share the burden of your upper body’s weight with the lower vertebrae and intervertebral discs. As well, they can help mitigate the pressure that comes with sitting for long periods of time. 
  • Posture is then further supported by a properly adjusted work station: this includes your chair, desk, armrests, monitor position and more. We can help discuss your particular ergonomic set up and how to improve it with simple, cheap methods that will make a big difference.

Preventing ergonomic injuries

At OFW Chiropractic, we care deeply about the workers of Westwood. We want to help you improve your ergonomic situation so that you can prevent the onset of back pain and spinal degeneration. If you are interested in using our services to prevent ergonomic injuries, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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