Exploring Chiropractic Throughout One’s Lifespan

Chiropractic treatment is not only suitable for all ages, but it’s also especially encouraged! Below, O’Connor Family Wellness gives examples of how chiropractic adjustments can benefit patients throughout all stages of life!

Chiropractic for Infants/Toddlers

Chiropractic treatments have been shown to decrease overall discomfort and promote healthy digestion and breathing in infants and toddlers. Chiropractic treatments have also been shown to boost the quality of sleep in infants and toddlers as well!

Chiropractic for Teens and Adults

Teens going through growing pains and experiencing social anxiety benefit hugely from chiropractic treatments, which have been shown to boost mood, provide drug-free pain relief, and boost cognitive function. Adults experience the same benefits, whether they’re working through an injury or exploring a more active wellness routine. 

Chiropractic for Seniors

Chiropractic treatment is pretty much essential for seniors, who enjoy benefits like increased mobility, improved sleep, improved GI function, and improved cognitive function.

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