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Finding Your Center of Gravity

Why is the center of gravity (COG) so important?

Center of gravity is an important player in the game of balance and stability. Many people treat balance as a purely subconscious function of human life- the truth is, it has too much impact in your life to treat it in such a casual manner. Knowing where your center of gravity, as well as remaining aware of it at all times, is a great way to start improving your spinal health by adding in more stability and balance. It also assists in improving posture and alignment. So without further ado, let’s locate the center of gravity. 

Actively paying attention to your COG can make you more stable

The line of gravity is pushing ever downwards toward the center of the earth. Because you are in the way, the line of gravity is going to pass through you, specifically through your COG. Simply knowing where it is makes your more stable. Here’s how to find it: 

  • Place an index finger directly below your navel 
  • Now measure three finger-widths below that and move your index finger accordingly. 
  • With your opposite index finger, trace a line around to the corresponding point on your spine. 
  • Your COG is midway between your two fingers.

It is lower than most people think! And it’s true that a lower COG is better- it makes it much less likely that the line of gravity will fall outside of your base of support. At OFW Chiropractic, we believe that knowledge and awareness are two of your greatest tools in improving spinal health. Let us handle the restoration of spinal alignment and address muscle imbalances; then we can work together to reestablish your COG as a force for good in your life. 

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