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Golfers Go Low with Chiropractic

Why is back pain so rife in the golf community?

Many people would point to the prevailing age demographic of the golf community as a contributing factor, but the link is much deeper than that. Despite its reputation as a low-key sport, golf challenges our bodies by demanding a unique combination of movements. While these movements are of a generally beneficial nature, they also present a unique set of challenges for spinal health. The torsion involved in a powerful swing, along with the constant bending over, are some of the most damaging movements for our spines. Unless we take steps to strengthen and protect our spines, back pain is an almost inevitable outcome. 

Chiropractic for golfers in Westwood

Golf-specific back pain interferes with our abilities on course, as well as our ability to feel well off of it. Our goal at OFW Chiropractic is to mitigate the toll the sport takes on your spine, while balancing the body to help you play better. Here are the ways that chiropractic helps golfers feel and play better:

  • Mitigates back pain by providing relief from nerve impingement 
  • Undoes the pressure that accumulates in spinal discs from excess torsion
  • Aligns the spine providing body balance that makes for a more rhythmic swing
  • Increases your spine’s natural resilience to injury
  • Contributes to even development of the musculature in the back

Chiropractic is alive and well in the golf community in Westwood

We provide chiropractic treatment plans that help you leave golf-specific back pain behind and focus on what matters: lowering your handicap. If you are interested in using our natural modalities to play your best game, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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