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Helping Our Senior Community Maintain Their Independence

Aging is not kind to our spines 

Spinal disorders are among the leading causes of disability in our elderly population. Without a healthy, balanced spine, everything in life is harder- movement is restricted, as is the functioning of the nervous system. When mobility declines, so does our independence; we are physically less able, and this can take a damaging toll on our mental state. Even people who have spent their lives taking care of their spines can face an old age of pain and dysfunction. But chiropractic is helping to change this script- read on to find out how. 

Weakness and dysfunction in the spine is a signal cause of lost independence for seniors- let’s change that!

Two factors that contribute to spinal disorder are bone loss and muscle loss, both of which begin in the 30s but ramp up significantly past 60. Many elderly members of our community come to our office with reservations about chiropractic; “aren’t the treatments too forceful for an older body?” is a question we frequently hear. That is simply not the case; as with all our patients at OFW Chiropractic, we treat each case on an individual basis. That means that seniors receive a much more gentle form of therapy that focuses on mobilizing spinal joints and increasing the pliability of the soft supportive tissues around the spine. This helps to align the spine, alleviate nerve impingement and increase circulation throughout the spine. 

Helping our seniors feel more able and more independent

With a balanced spine, and more mobile joints, you are able to perform simple activities like walking and gardening with less pain. Staying active is the single best way for seniors to prevent runaway spinal degeneration. We can help get you body in a conducive shape for activity, and counsel you on simple ways to take of your spine. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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