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How to Avoid the Dreaded Back Spasm

The dreaded back spasm

Many adults are familiar with the sudden, involuntary tightening of a muscle, the literal spasm of pain, the uncontrollable tightening and the restricted range of motion which immediately follows. Does this sound like an accurate description of a muscle spasm? Now imagine, it happens regularly and you have a recipe for something that damages your quality of life. 

Back spasms are a symptom, not a condition

They may contribute to your pain but they are not the cause. Back spasms are linked to excessive strain; when your back reaches a point, whether from an acute injury or repetitive trauma wearing down the spine over time, that something gives. Disc issues often conspire to compress the nerve roots which exit the spine and control muscle contraction. A spasm is a protective reaction of the body; it wants to signal to your brain that further movement will cause more damage. 

Conditions most often linked to back spasms include:

  • disc herniation 
  • muscle and ligament damage
  • arthritis
  • degenerative disc disease
  • acute injuries

Getting a proper diagnosis and chiropractic treatment in Westwood

Because back spasms are linked to so many different conditions, it is important to know what exactly is causing them. Our plan for treatment involves a detailed health history and a physical assessment to determine not only your condition but your level of pain and fitness; all of these factors are essential in determining how we move forward. Chiropractic adjustment is effective at correcting misalignment and alleviating nerve pressure that could be contributing to your spasms. Once we have rehabilitated your injury and returned you to a semblance of normal range of motion we work on strengthening the supportive muscles and keeping them limber to prevent injury from recurring. 

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