How to Warm Up Effectively

Many folks think that getting a good stretch in before rigorous activity or a workout is ideal, when, in fact, warming up is a far better option pre-workout. Saving the stretching for after your workout is ideal, while warming up will actually help improve your range of motion and get your body and muscles ready for the task ahead.

Focus on Movement

Try to work in different types of leg movements that will help stretch and activate your hips, thighs, glutes, calves, etc. You’ll feel better as you engage in whatever workout you’re planning as a result.

Hydrate Correctly

Drink water the night before a workout and make sure to maintain hydration throughout your workout, but don’t overdo it during the activity in question, because you may get cramps.

Work Up a Sweat

The point of warming up is to gather a bit of a sweat before you engage in that activity at hand. By warming up you’ll be more flexible and your body will be more pliable, which will help you avoid injury.

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