Let your Cells be Starved of Oxygen No Longer

Are you getting enough oxygen?

Every last cell in your body needs a constantly refreshing supply of oxygen in order to respire, repair and rebuild. Without fresh oxygen coming in, toxins accumulate and muscles often atrophy when anaerobic (read: oxygen deprived) cells die. 

Getting oxygen begins with breathing properly

You may be surprised to learn that quite a few people are unaware of the process it takes to draw a deep, diaphragmatic breath, the kind of breath that fills their lungs to the bottom with oxygen. In fact, many people are doing just the opposite- taking sips of air instead of gulps and practicing shallow breathing patterns because they know no better. A further concern centers around where the oxygen is going after you take the breath- once you are getting the oxygen in, is it getting where it needs to go? Oxygen moves from the lungs into the blood stream and a body with good circulation delivers oxygen in the correct amounts to cells throughout the body. 

Chiropractic helps your body capture and utilize oxygen more efficiently

  • How we help you breathe better: we utilize targeted adjustment to the cervical vertebrae, from which nerve roots innervate the phrenic nerve, the main power input for your diaphragm. Dysfunction or subluxation here can interfere with your ability to take a deep, full breath. 
  • How we improve circulation: Hands-on modalities including massage, trigger point therapy, active release technique and chiropractic adjustment improve circulation, especially to places that feel sore or tight.

We want to help you get more out of the oxygen that you take in: become a better breather by giving our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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