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The Loving Link Between Comfort and Sleep

Comfort is integral to sleep

It is one of the reasons that women with no history of sleep problems find that it suddenly poses a problem during pregnancy. The backaches, indigestion, headaches and breathlessness combine to cause a certain kind of insomnia that can be hard to shake during pregnancy. Now take away the pregnancy and imagine that one or more of these factors was present in your life- you can see how that would make sleep exceedingly difficult. One of our jobs at OFW Chiropractic is to make your body more comfortable so that falling asleep is easier. Because sleep is a cornerstone of wellness, we make it a priority in our holistic wellness plan. Comfort is what leads us to sleep in a preferred position each night but, as we will find, not all sleep positions are good for us. 

The merits of different sleep positions

Sleeping on your stomach is generally inadvisable. It increases the systemic pressure on your spine and leads to accentuated lordosis in the lumbar region. If sleeping on your stomach is the only way you feel comfortable, be sure to use a small pillow under the stomach to mitigate the amount of your body that sinks downward.

Sleeping on your side is great- especially in the fetal position. A loose fetal position, in which your knees are bent and your torso hunched, allows for good blood circulation. Make sure you don’t coil too tightly- avoid tucking in your chin to far or bringing your knees up too high as this can promote stiffness and restrict breathing. 

From a chiropractor’s perspective, sleeping on your back is the best. It elongates the spine and reduces systemic tension, rather than increasing it. The better your mattress, the closer you can come to sleeping in neutral posture while on your back. 

Turning up the comfort factor before bed time

If pain or discomfort in your body is preventing you from sleeping, it is prudent to seek medical attention. Because sleep is so vital to the restorative processes of the body, it’s importance is a priority. At OFW Chiropractic, we focus on restoring spinal alignment to reduce discomfort and systemic tension throughout the body. Our natural modalities are safe and soothing and many of our patients report significant improvements in sleep patterns following a visit to our office. If you are interested in turning up the comfort factor before bed time, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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