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Pregnancy Chiropractic: The Webster Technique

Approximately 3-4% of full-term pregnancies are breech

Approaching your delivery date with a baby in breech is a singularly stressful experience. Having gone through the transformative process of pregnancy, it can be a worrying realization that a baby in breech can create serious complications during delivery. Most medical experts agree that the baby should assume the correct, head-down position at about the 34 week mark. Otherwise there are serious ramifications to consider, including:

  • Health of the child and mother
  • Health of the mother during surgical birth

While the causes of the breech position are many and varied, one of the most common causes is because of problems with pelvic alignment and balance. The Webster technique seeks to address this- read on to find out how. 

How does the Webster technique work?

The Webster technique seeks to directly address the causes of the breech presentation, including:

  • Overly tight uterine ligaments and muscles
  • Misalignment of the pelvis and sacrum 
  • Misalignment of the sacroiliac joints

The Webster technique is a specialized sacral adjustment that seeks to reduce tension in the musculature and realign the lower spine, including the sacrum and balance the pelvis. This reduces torsion on the uterus and allows more room for the baby to move into a conducive birthing position. Pregnancy chiropractic uses a specialized table for a different body shape and adjustments are more gentle than normal.

By aligning your pelvis and reducing tension in the pelvic ligaments, we believe that we can help correct your fetal positioning in preparation for birth. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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