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Preventing Osteoporosis with the Right Diet

It doesn’t have to be a huge change! 

Osteoporosis: bone loss. Osteoporosis: old age. Osteoporosis: not my problem. Few people ever think that osteoporosis will become their fate. Outwardly, there are no symptoms- osteoporosis doesn’t cause pain, nor does it manifest itself in any visible way. Most people never even consider the word until they break a bone and pay a visit to their doctor. The fact is, bone loss is reality for everyone on earth- after our thirties, bone loss begins, and our lifestyles either slow or accelerate this natural process. Diet is the number one way you can control bone loss and prevent weaker bones from causing problems in your life. 

Choosing the right nutrients to fight osteoporosis

With osteoporosis, your bones are losing their mineral density- the number one way to prevent this is by consuming a balanced diet. Everyone knows calcium and Vitamin D but fewer people remember that magnesium is essential for calcium absorption and therefore also plays a role. Protein is also important for the maintenance of robust muscles that help support your bones. From here, it is a matter of moving effectively and exercising regularly to prevent bone loss and improve muscle strength. 

Choose to be proactive about preventing osteoporosis

In the end, it is your choice. It’s an easy problem to ignore- many of us will never suffer the effects of osteoporosis. But stronger bones mean you can function better later into life and this plays a huge role in wellness. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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