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Working Causes Tension in the Neck: Here’s How to Release It

A stiff neck is a workplace distraction

Unfortunately, many of the tasks we perform while on the job directly contribute to stiffness in the neck. Few of us have the discipline to keep good posture for eight hours per day; even fewer of us have office equipment that supports good postural habits. Inevitably, we find our heads creeping forward and our shoulders scrunching together; we find ourselves answering the last e-mails of the day with tired brains and stiff necks. This stiff neck syndrome is a natural result of our postural shortcomings: as we let our heads creep forward toward the screen, the downward pressure to our vertebrae is magnified and the supporting muscles in the neck are strained as they try to stabilize the head in its new position. 

What to do about a stiff neck while you are working

  • Reset your posture: when you catch your head leaning forward toward the screen, correct! Always try to maintain awareness and ensure that your head is properly centered atop the spine to prevent excess downward pressure on your spine. 
  • Stretch it out: a simple but effective neck stretch can be performed as follows: clasp your hands behind your head. Gently lower your chin toward your chest until you feel a gentle stretch. Hold 5-10 seconds, repeat. 
  • Get up and move! Low-impact aerobic exercise is great for stimulating your body’s healing response, getting your blood moving to the regions that are stiff and in need.
  • Use heat and ice: if available. Start with ice to reduce inflammation, then switch to heat to increase circulation and facilitate repair of the soft tissues. 

Addressing long-standing neck stiffness in Westwood

The reality is that the stiffness in your neck didn’t just suddenly appear. It has slowly been building throughout the day and, most likely, throughout the preceding weeks, months and years. The problem is layers deep. At OFW Chiropractic, we can help roll back the years when it comes to your stiff neck. Spinal adjustment restores alignment to the cervical vertebrae, alleviating pressure on the spinal nerves, improving circulation to facilitate healing and improving range of motion. If you are interested in what life feels like with a neck free of stiffness, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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