Chiropractic for Facet Joint Syndrome

facet joint syndrome

Facet Joint Syndrome is a common cause of back pain

Joints are the structures that provide for motion and function at points where bone meets bone. The spine is composed of 24 presacral vertebrae in the human spine, and in between each is a spinal motion segment, or functional spinal unit that consists of the two vertebrae, an intervertebral disc, and the connection between the two vertebrae by way of two facet joints. The purpose of the facet joints within this unit is to provide for stable movement between vertebrae and to prevent injury from occurring due to excessive movement. In this way, facet joints are key spinal stabilizers. Facet Joint syndrome refers to injury of the facet joints, which can cause debilitating back pain, as well as swelling and inflammation 

Facet Joint Syndrome characteristics

Each facet joint is encapsulated by a thin layer of hyaline cartilage and filled with synovial fluid that provides for lubrication. Facet Joint Syndrome refers to the acute injury or damage from repetitive trauma to the facet joints; it is most often a strain that results from excessive or aggressive movement. Quite often, the body responds with muscle spasm, a natural protective mechanism, that can limit range of motion and cause sharp, severe pain. Most cases of Facet Joint Syndrome will heal themselves in a matter of weeks, but chiropractic seeks to improve the body’s natural healing capacity while also preventing the likelihood of the injury recurring. 

Chiropractic for Facet Joint Syndrome

Chiropractic seeks to restore joint function by aiding the body’s natural healing process. We begin with a comprehensive spinal exam including personal medical history to determine if your back is caused by FJS. From there, we move ahead with a multi-faceted plan that uses modalities including: 

  • Spinal adjustment to maintain spinal alignment and restore range of motion 
  • Decompression modalities including instrument-assisted and manual traction to rehydrate the spinal joints
  • Recommendations on lifestyle adjustments to account for your injury.

If you suspect your back pain may be caused by Facet Joint Syndrome, give our office a call to schedule an appointment and start the healing process today.