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The Importance of Seeking Treatment After an Auto Accident

There is no manual on how to act in the wake of an auto accident

In the wake of an auto accident, there are seemingly infinite questions to answer; if you are not seriously injured, it can be easy to forget that you still did suffer a trauma while dealing with police, insurance parties and the good intentions of family and friends. But here is the golden rule: your health is the most important thing. And while it may not appear or feel as though your injuries are significant, it is important to realize that you could be under the influence of shock, your body’s natural coping mechanism that can mask the severity of symptoms.

We urge everyone who has been in auto accident, if they feel even the slightest injury, to please go to a hospital and get yourself checked out! Internal injuries do not always present themselves right at first, which means that having precautionary scans could save your life! And the only way to tell whether these are necessary is by seeking medical attention. The old maxim better safe than sorry has never been more applicable than the period of time following an auto accident.

Chiropractic’s role in post-accident care

At OFW Chiropractic, we specialize in applying chiropractic care to auto injuries including whiplash, muscle and ligament damage, and other back injuries. These are the most common form of injury suffered during minor collisions- even a small fender bender can leave you with whiplash symptoms that seem undetectable at first. But if you leave them unaddressed, the condition will worsen with time and you could end up with chronic pain as a result of a seemingly innocuous collision. The way to avoid such a scenario is to have your spine evaluated by a musculoskeletal specialist.

At our office in Westwood, we provide a comprehensive evaluation that determines whether and where injury has occurred, which helps us set a course for treatment that involves chiropractic care, massage therapy and other, non-invasive physical therapies. Prevention is the best medicine and this is never truer than in post-accident treatment. Make sure an injury doesn’t slip through the net and cause you pain down the line by giving our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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