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The Undeniable Power of Morning Time

Morning time is the best time to lose weight

Carpe diem, seize the day and make the morning hours your time to set a course for weight loss.  This is the most potent part of the day; each step you take from bed represents a deposit in the bank of caloric balance that contributes to maintaining a healthy weight. The process actually begins before you even wake up- a healthy sleep cycle is essential to keeping the pounds at bay. But once you wake up, each decision you make will go for or against your weight-loss regime.

From a chiropractor’s perspective, maintaining a healthy weight is essential for the health and alignment of your spine. Every pound over your ideal weight is adding an extra burden to the spine, especially to the lumbar region, which is responsible for bearing the weight of the upper body. Read on to find out ways you can use the natural energy of the morning time to encourage weight loss. 

Morning time offers some unique advantages in the fight to lose weight

  • Protein for breakfast: eating breakfast is a key part of maintaining caloric balance. A high-protein and high-fiber mix for breakfast can help fend off feelings of hungriness throughout the day and will likely see you consuming less calories in total. Aim for 2/3 of your RDA for protein at breakfast time. 
  • The sun: The sun helps to regulate your body’s natural sleep and wake cycle which is proven to keep the pounds down so take your breakfast on the deck!
  • Squeeze in an exercise if possible: this will jog your body’s athletic instinct and keep you more active throughout the day.
  • Choose your commute: plan the most active possible commuting route for your trip to work; if you have to drive, park far away from the front door to get in a few more steps. 

Keeping weight down with the help of your Westwood Chiropractor 

At OFW Chiropractic, we know that this map of decision making can be difficult- where do you even begin? We help you determine areas of your life that are letting you down in your fight to keep the pounds off. For the sake of your spine, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today!

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