Weight Vest Pros and Cons

As we get more involved in our fitness routines some of us might start pushing the limits to increase our results and performance. 

Accessories like weight vests are often incorporated into workouts to make activities and exercises harder, which can produce some amazing benefits, however there are also a few negative aspects of using a weight vest users should be aware of discussed below.

Pro: Increased Strength

When you strap on a weight vest your body and muscles have to work harder to perform the same task you normally do. Before long, you’ll notice an increase in strength. The activities you do without the vest will become easier, too.

Con: Increased Pressure on the Spine

Think of your spine as a spring that is getting pushed down when you wear a weight vest. This will put pressure on your spine and discs, which could result in an injury or at the very least discomfort.

Pro: Increased Speed

As we mentioned above, the tasks you perform normally will become easier after using a weight vest. You’ll achieve faster sprint and mile times, for instance.

Con: Affects Body Balance

As your body gets used to hucking around a weight vest for prolonged periods of time, this may affect your body’s ability to stabilize. Your center of gravity can change and your sense of balance can be thrown off.

Weight vests are a good tool for athletes looking to push their limits, however, they should be used responsibly. The perfect antidote to back pain related to wearing a weight vest is visiting your local chiropractor in Westwood, NJ. Contact O’Connor Family Wellness today to schedule your consultation.

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