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Yoga Do Yoga Don’t When it Comes to Back Pain

Yoga is a back pain sufferer’s best friend

Its versatility is its greatest asset: you control the intensity and determine what part of your body you want to target. In this way, people with back pain can use yoga to increase spinal flexibility, strengthen the core stabilizing muscles and boost circulation in localized areas of pain. This type of exercise perfectly aligns with the core tenets of chiropractic, which is why yoga is a chiropractor-approved and recommended form of self-care. However, certain yoga movements can actually worsen back pain, and it is important to know which moves are a no-go when using yoga to treat your back pain. 

Yoga moves to avoid when you have back pain

Exercise and, by extension, yoga, is considered safe for people who suffer from mild-severe back pain; the most common kind of back pain is most likely a manifestation of problems in the muscles and ligaments that support your spine. In general, back pain sufferers want to avoid increasing the stresses that have led to the pain in the first place. Here is our list of common yoga poses to avoid if you have back pain:

  1. Camel Pose
  2. Bow Pose
  3. Cobra Pose
  4. Big Toe Pose

In general, you want to focus on being more gentle and slow in your movements and avoid anything that is too aggressive or involves an extreme transfer of forces. Forward bending is generally to be avoided, but it can be modified as long as you are sure to engage your abdominal muscles in support. 

 Yoga for back pain sufferers in Westwood

A general rule of thumb is: the calmer the better. If your back pain is compression related, it behooves you to focus on moves that introduce gentle traction to the spine. When starting any new regime to account for back pain, it is a great idea to have a conversation with a musculoskeletal specialist to determine the right course of action. If you are interested in implementing yoga as a means of self-care in your life, give our office in Westwood a call to start off on the right track today. 

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