forward head posture

How Modern is your Posture?

Forward head posture is the defining body position of the 21st century

Forward head posture (FHP) is not a new thing- it’s been around forever under the more common moniker of, “reader’s neck.” But what hasn’t been around forever is its pervasiveness in society: more people, and younger people, than ever are walking around with their heads jutting forward; after all, it’s a natural instinct when you are looking at your cell phone all day. Let’s define the scope of this problem.

Why is forward head posture undesirable? 

Besides making you look slightly funny, forward head posture is problematic for a number of reasons. Let’s set up the scenario: head follows screen, and spinal imbalance occurs. For every inch your head leans forward from its balanced point atop the spine, you are adding another 10 pounds of downward pressure on your spine. People with forward head posture generally carry their heads between 2-3 inches forward. Is that any way to treat your already beleaguered spine? 

A simple check for forward head posture. 

Are you interested to find out if you may have forward head posture? Perform a simple wall check: 

  • Align heels at shoulder width and put your buttocks flat against a wall.
  • In this position, your shoulder blades should be touching the wall.
  • Now, is the back of your head touching the wall too?
  • If not, you are carrying your head forward. 

Join the party! The problem is that if you walk around like this constantly, the muscles will grow to support this new position and you will be stuck with a head that contributes more pressure and eventually more pain to your neck and back. 

Correcting forward head posture with the help of your Westwood chiropractor

We can help you prevent damage to your spine and the muscles of your back and neck. At OFW Chiropractic, we provide you with postural analysis, chiropractic adjustment and stretching that will help restore your head to its balanced position atop the spine. Furthermore, we can strengthen the muscles that matter to keep it there. If you are interested in correcting forward head posture, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.


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