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Navigating Postpartum Life with Chiropractic at Your Sie

No woman should go through the postpartum phases alone

The postpartum period is broken up into three phases: the first 6-12 hours; the following 2-6 weeks; and then up to 6 months after that. This period can be fraught with mental turbulence and physical discomfort, much of which stems from the third trimester of pregnancy and the ensuing childbirth. With a newborn baby child in your hands and a new body and life to get used to, it’s no wonder that the majority of women struggle during this time. Over 85% of women report health problems (at least one) during this period. For some unlucky women, these health problems can become chronic, having long-term impacts on mental and physical health. 

Acknowledging the gravity of the postpartum period

With all this in mind, we believe the most effective way to navigate successful postpartum period is to seek help. At OFW Chiropractic, we work with your primary care physician to add another layer of healthcare to your recovery efforts. Our role is on the physical side: we believe that by resolving problems in the muscles and the spine, we can help to quiet pain and discomfort’s role in mental anxiety. How do we go about this?

By targeting the region that is the most vulnerable: the pelvis. Your body prepares for pregnancy by relaxing ligaments in the pelvis to make for an easier passage of the child. The carry-over effect is that your spine is then left destabilized at its very base. We focus on restoring alignment and balance throughout the pelvis and lower spine; once this is established, we can focus on strengthening the core stabilizing muscles so that we move from a region of instability to a foundation of stability for the rest of your spine. 

Pregnancy and postpartum chiropractic in Westwood

At our office in Westwood, we have decades of experience helping the women of our community navigate the perilous path of postpartum life. If you are interested in adding chiropractic into your postpartum care plan, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment today. 

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