Navigating Postpartum Life with Chiropractic at Your Sie

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No woman should go through the postpartum phases alone

The postpartum period is broken up into three phases: the first 6-12 hours; the following 2-6 weeks; and then up to 6 months after that. This period can be fraught with mental turbulence and physical discomfort, much of which stems from the third trimester of pregnancy and the ensuing childbirth. With a newborn baby child in your hands and a new body and life to get used to, it’s no wonder that the majority of women struggle during this time. Over 85% of women report health problems (at least one) during this period. For some unlucky women, these health problems can become chronic, having long-term impacts on mental and physical health. 

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Holistic Pregnancy Care in Westwood

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From the first postural changes to postpartum care, we are there

We want to keep back pain out of your pregnancy! This may seem like an ambitious feat- but we say why not aim as high as possible so that if we fall short, you will still have a more comfortable pregnancy than most. Pregnancy poses a singular challenge for your spine; the two main factors are loss of stability at the base of the spine and the growing weight in your belly. As your body prepares for delivery, hormones contribute to the loosening of ligaments in the pelvis which destabilizes the support network at the base of your spine which contributes to spinal alignment. Pile on top of this an additional 25-35 pounds of body weight (the average to accomodate a growing fetus) and you have a recipe for back pain that causes such insidious conditions as: 

  • Sciatica 
  • Acute lower back pain
  • Posterior pelvic pain

The pain usually reaches its most severe point during the second half of pregnancy and can persist for months after your baby is born. Chiropractic seeks to mitigate the severity of this pain so that you can focus on the spiritual side of your pregnancy. 

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