Chiropractic for Athletes: Spotlight on Tennis

Chiropractic for tennis players

Tennis is a holistic wellness activity

Millions of people worldwide enjoy the sport of tennis while simultaneously using it to socialize and stay in shape. But the biomechanical demands of the sport mean that many of these players will sustain a sports-related injury in a given year. The strains for your body particular to the movements involved in tennis include:

  • Hard foot plants: shear forces place a strain on the joints in the leg and spine, contributing to spinal misalignment and associated dysfunction. 
  • Repetitive stress: repeated movements place a disproportionate amount of stress on certain parts of the body, including the spinal joints. 
  • Ballistic motions: spontaneous propulsion of limbs in upper extremities places high levels of pressure on joints in the arms and spine. 
  • Twisting motions: side-to-side force increases pressure on the spinal joints. 

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