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Why We Offer Stress Management

Stress wreaks havoc with every system in our body.

From a spinal health standpoint, mental stress causes a tightening of the muscles in the body as part of a natural defense mechanism. This tightening is not problematic if it lasts for a few minutes, but chronic stress causes our bodies to remain in a near-permanent state of tension. When we allow this to happen, our tight muscles will pull our spine out of alignment, leaving the door open to painful conditions that stem from nerve impingement. In effect, it increases the already worrying rate of spinal degeneration that we all undergo with age. If this is not reason enough to do something about your stress levels, read on for more motivation. 

Stress Management is one of our most important services

At OFW Chiropractic, we simply can’t suffer stress. We know that it is a silent killer and we know that everyone on earth is fighting their own pitched battle against the incursions of stress. Along with causing muscular tension, stress also increases the amount of inflammation in our system, which is linked with a host of conditions such as heart disease and cancer. If you have been mired down by stress lately, it is worth making a call to our office in Westwood. We have decades of experience helping the members of our community manage stress in a natural, sustainable way. Our stress management program focuses on:

  • Restoring spinal alignment and balancing the musculature
  • Improving nervous system function 
  • Releasing endorphins and reducing pain through soft tissue therapy (massage)
  • Counseling on diet and exercise 
  • Reviewing and adjusting lifestyle habits that cause undue stress

If you are interested in tackling your stress head on, give our office in Westwood a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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