After the Workout: Activities that Make or Break Muscle Growth

athletes after the workout

What you do after the workout is important as the workout itself

Not every workout is created equal. At OFW Chiropractic we know that success improving cardiovascular health and building muscle both depend on the actions you take before, during and after your workout. It is important not to neglect a single phase; for example, skipping the warm up leaves your muscles cold as you start to strain them and injuries are a common result. But what actions can you take to follow up your workout and make sure you consolidate the hard work you’ve put in in the gym?

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Muscle Tension has You all Tied Up

Muscle tension in Westwood

Muscle tension is a natural reaction

A natural reaction to mental and physical stress is muscle contraction- and when your muscles stay semi-contracted for a long period of time, pain and stiffness ensue. Furthermore, when your brain perceives mental stress, blood vessels constrict and less blood is able to flow to soft tissues including your muscles. This means less oxygen is reaching the cells within the muscle that need to perform respiration and more waste products are allowed to remain and accumulate. The byproduct of this system is pain or irritation in the muscles and this causes more stress, thus feeding back into the cycle. 

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How we Help Athletes Push Further in Westwood

Chiropractic for athletes in Westwood

Chiropractic is tailor made for athletes

Pushing further in a chosen sport comes down to specialization- of both body and brain. As you grow in your sport, your body is developing a unique set of muscles that help you perform the way your brain demands. Chiropractic is about regulating the link between brain and body, and maintaining a high level of care for your body to mitigate injury and excel. More professional athletes than ever are choosing chiropractic as part of their physical health portfolio; will you join them? 

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