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No woman should go through the postpartum phases alone

The postpartum period is broken up into three phases: the first 6-12 hours; the following 2-6 weeks; and then up to 6 months after that. This period can be fraught with mental turbulence and physical discomfort, much of which stems from the third trimester of pregnancy and the ensuing childbirth. With a newborn baby child in your hands and a new body and life to get used to, it's no wonder that the majority of women struggle during this time. Over 85% of women report health problems (at least one) during this period. For some unlucky women, these health problems can become chronic, having long-term impacts on mental and physical health. 

chiropractor westwood

Tech pain: what is it?

The average American is now said to spend up to 23 hours a week texting, typing, sending e-mails and engaging with social media. An entire day out of the week devoted to screens, keyboards and all the stress that comes with them. Whether it is part of your job, or part of your lifestyle, you may be familiar with the physical pain and discomfort that evolves out of your habits. 

  • Muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Lower back pain
  • Gamer's thumb and sore fingers
  • Text neck
  • Tension headaches 
  • Eye strain 

...the list just goes on. Because technology is so far from nature, almost all of our interactions with it are going to be unnatural and therefore difficult for our body to manage. We therefore have to be proactive about protecting our bodies against the incursions of tech pain. Here's how:

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Stress wreaks havoc with every system in our body.

From a spinal health standpoint, mental stress causes a tightening of the muscles in the body as part of a natural defense mechanism. This tightening is not problematic if it lasts for a few minutes, but chronic stress causes our bodies to remain in a near-permanent state of tension. When we allow this to happen, our tight muscles will pull our spine out of alignment, leaving the door open to painful conditions that stem from nerve impingement. In effect, it increases the already worrying rate of spinal degeneration that we all undergo with age. If this is not reason enough to do something about your stress levels, read on for more motivation. 

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Approximately 3-4% of full-term pregnancies are breech

Approaching your delivery date with a baby in breech is a singularly stressful experience. Having gone through the transformative process of pregnancy, it can be a worrying realization that a baby in breech can create serious complications during delivery. Most medical experts agree that the baby should assume the correct, head-down position at about the 34 week mark. Otherwise there are serious ramifications to consider, including:

  • Health of the child and mother
  • Health of the mother during surgical birth

While the causes of the breech position are many and varied, one of the most common causes is because of problems with pelvic alignment and balance. The Webster technique seeks to address this- read on to find out how. 

chiropractor westwood

Aging is not kind to our spines 

Spinal disorders are among the leading causes of disability in our elderly population. Without a healthy, balanced spine, everything in life is harder- movement is restricted, as is the functioning of the nervous system. When mobility declines, so does our independence; we are physically less able, and this can take a damaging toll on our mental state. Even people who have spent their lives taking care of their spines can face an old age of pain and dysfunction. But chiropractic is helping to change this script- read on to find out how. 

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